Did you know that several degenerative diseases and chronic conditions can be reserved with stem cell therapy?  Stem Cells have the capacity to develop new  cells or rejuvenate existing cells and any kind of organ. They are multipotencial cells in the way they reach out to find what the body needs and support it.

Normally, stem cells exist in the human body in small amounts and these stem cells flow throughout the body looking for signals of inflammation to fix or repair. When the number of stem cells are not viable enough to rejuvenate new cells and organs, new stem cells, boost efficiency and also improve some genetic defects.

The Stem cell Therapy program will be our body great assistance to re-building your body. Our entire program works synergistically to integrate an environment inside the patient’s body to obtain the most benefit possible from the cell therapy.

We use only adult stem cells, autologous, which come from your own body. In Lymphomas and Leukemia, the first  goal in using stem cells is to overall rejuvenate and activate new cells, heal and make the organs vital and functional, as well as to put life  back into a balanced homeostasis.

Conditions We Treat

Listed are some of the  degenerative diseases that stem cells can significantly improve or alleviate. It can produce cells for bones, brain, heart, pancreas, liver, heart, lungs intestines and any organ of the human body. Currently, we are using stem cells to treat the following medical conditions:

Alzheimer diseaseArthritis
Auto-Inmune diseaseBrain atrophy
Crohn’s diseaseDegenerative conditions: spine, joints and bones
DiabetesDiverticulitis disease
EmphysemaEpstein Barr
FibromyalgiaHardening of the arteries
Heart diseaseHigh blood pressure
Hypo and hyper thyroidInfertility
Kidney diseasesKidney & bladder disease
LupusChronic fatigue
Lyme’s diseaseMetabolic disease