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4558 Agua Caliente Blvd. Ste. CC 1B, Tijuana, Mexico.

PO Box 530010
San Diego, CA 92153, U. S. A.

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To get the most of your time, we recommend you reach our team regarding your case because we offer more than 50 services, and each one requires different preparation. However, we will always receive you as a walk-in patient.

Call one of our agents for more info:
US +1 (877) 207-0824

The prices vary depending on the procedure and the options available; they are usually a fraction of the cost compared with the US or Canadian clinic.

You can check the price list or call our team to review your case and give you a personal and more accurate quote.

Call one of our agents to review your case and give you a personalize and more accurate quote: US +1 (877) 207-0824

Yes, we take any major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and, American Express).

We do not take insurance, but we can help you with filing your claim.

Free Shuttle Service

We provide a free shuttle service for your comfort. Contact our agents to arrange pick-ups from the US side of the International border or San Diego Airport. We can also pick you up directly at your hotel if it is within a 5 miles radius from San Diego Airport, including anywhere in Downtown San Diego and San Ysidro.

Call one of our agents for more info and book your pickup time. +1 (877) 207-0824

Public transportation/Walking

Taking San Diego public transportation is easy and cheap. A day pass is USD 6. There is a direct line to the border; the blue line in Downtown San Diego connects with the Orange and Green line MTS train and National Amtrak Train.

It is the last stop south-bound: “San Ysidro International Border.” ATMʼs and currency exchange are available before crossing the border. Mexico is 5 minutes walking distance from there, following the signs. All you need is your Passport.

On the Mexico side, taxi cabs are charging around USD 5 to the clinic; Uber is also available.


You can book our free shuttle from San Diego Airport, take the San Diego public transportation following the instructions above, or rent a car and follow the instructions below.

Call one of our agents for more info and help with your Hotel booking and free pickup. +1 (877) 207-0824



Taking the last south exit (1A) in the Interstate 5 or 805 will take you directly to the border.

Before crossing the border, ask your car insurance if you are covered; if not, local insurance costs USD 20.

If you decide to park on the US side, the easiest Parking (4570 Camino De La Plaza, San Ysidro, CA 92173) costs USD 20 a day.