Drug abuse damages neuroreceptors in the brain. That damage then makes a person more susceptible to addictive tendencies, reinforcing the cycle of drug abuse. The amino acids then repair damaged proteins in a drug user’s brain, “basically giving the brain the chemicals that it is craving, but in a healthy way”.

The result is a reestablishment of a healthy balance of neurochemistry. Withdrawal symptoms are reduced, and a patient’s ability to make logical decisions about substance use is restored.

Dr Hitt’s, amino-acid solution includes vitamins and minerals that help direct the metabolism of amino acids into the desired proteins that will help repair the brain,
Drug use and the usually missed meals and unhealthy meals that commonly accompany drug use, deplete neurotransmitters drastically, so just eating healthfully will not be enough to actually get the brain back on track.http://diyhealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/amino_acid_hwdpj.jpg

“We’re basically giving the body what it needs to heal itself.”