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What is a hair analysis test for heavy metals?

A hair analysis is used to discover what is happening inside your body. Your hair can concentrate on potentially toxic elements. A piece of your hair can provide a lot of information about you, said that a specialist could interpret and apply a treatment that best suits your health. It’s benefits are:

  • Determinate if metal poisoning is contributing negatively to your health.
  • Review the effects of chelation (removal of heavy metals from the body).

Why choose this analysis?

Your hair grows between 2 to 6 years before falling. During that time, the shaft absorbs chemicals, drugs, or any substance that you consume in that period. Toxic elements, such as mercury, can be 200 times more concentrated in your hair than in urine or blood.

Unlike blood, the levels of elements in the hair are not regulated by homeostatic mechanisms, which means a process of natural balance in your body that allows you to keep the internal conditions of your body stable. Therefore, your blood regulates these levels and does not let you know how many toxic metals are in your system.

Changes in the levels of elements in the hair often appear before they appear in the blood. Therefore, hair is ideal for detecting metal poisoning in your body.

How is the test done?

  • Please get in contact with us and request the hair elements specimen collection kit.
  • The kit will be sent by mail to your address.
  • Once you receive the package, you have to follow the steps that are mentioned in the kit.
  • Inside the kit, you will find a scale (as shown in the image), which will serve to send the necessary amount of hair to perform the analysis, as well as an envelope and the format with your data.
  • Doctors Data Inc will send us the results of your analysis once they are ready.
  • We will contact you to talk about the results and plan a treatment that best suits your health to drain your body’s metals if necessary.